Used Vans Hi-Standard Snowboard Boots

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Used Vans Hi-Standard Snowboard Boots, , 600
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$275.00 (82% off)
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This is a Used Vans Hi-Standard White Womens Snowboard boot. It has a two liner system with an outside traditional tie lacing system and an inside lacing system where you pull up on the handles, cinch down the locks and then just tuck extra laces into the side of the boot. This gives you a nice tight and snug fit for great control of your board as you hit the moguls and halfpipe.
We took one representative sample photo of the boots to show you the condition of the boots. The boots you will receive will be in the same or similar condition.
Condition- These Vans Hi-Standard Snowboard Boots were used for a few seasons by a large ski shop rental program. They are well used so they have a lot of scrapes and scratches. These boots are well broken in from rental use. These boots will have a lot of toe wear from use and rubbing against the strap in binding. In a lot of cases the seam on the toe is broken open. There may be handwritten numbers on the sides of the boots in Permanent Marker. Some of the outside laces may be worn but are still functional. You may at some point in the future need a new pair of laces.

Model Number 122-HI-STANDARD-7-23 Product ID 475152   
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