Used Sims Youth Snowboard Boots

$150.00 (67% off)
Used Sims Youth Snowboard Boots, Bksi, 600
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$150.00 (67% off)
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This is a used pair of Sims Snowboard boots for your child. Sims Kids Snowboarding Boots will increase your time on the hill because of the define killer comfort and will keep your feet warm and cozy. It has a simple single tie lacing system. The colors are all black or black and silver.
We took representative sample photos of this Sims Boot to show you the condition of the boots. The boots you will receive are in the same or similar condition as shown in the photos and described below.
Condition- These boots were well used in a mountain shop rental and lease program for a few seasons. They have your normal scrapes, scratches and scuff marks. These boots have engraved and handwritten numbers and letters on the back of the boot. There is wear on the boots from rubbing against the binding. The laces may be worn in places but are still functional. You might need to replace the laces in the near future.

Model Number 124-SIMS-BLACK-6/24 Product ID 475084   
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